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You get unlimited push-notifications to all unique visitors covered by the subscription.

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Get your ChummyBot subscription paid for each month
You can register and start using ChummyBot for free right now. However, if you need the use of the most advanced features or need to scale the number of unique monthly visitors, you have two subscription options: Entry or Premium. And there is even a way to get them for free!

As soon as you register to ChummyBot, even with the Free subscription plan, you are automatically enrolled into a soft affiliation. The benefit is that if you choose to upgrade to either Entry or Premium, and pay your subscription monthly, you could get your next level subscription entirely paid for, each month.

Each month, we give you back, up to the limit of your subscription cost, 25% of any payment made the prior month by ChummyBot users who were first referred by you via the little "verified by ChummyBot" link appearing at the bottom of most push notifications.

When a visitor clicks on this link, he or she gets redirected to ChummyBot, and we store some data in their browser to associate this visitor to your account. If they then register and subscribe (an hour, a day, a month or even a year later), you get 25% of their payment deducted from your monthly cost.

Do the maths, you get your ChummyBot subscription for free with just 4 paying referrals. And this is all automated for you.

Or use it for free